After placing an order for Warp Turbo Board we expect to receive your corresponding CPU within 14 days. Please mark your CPU with an order number so we can identify it.

If you ship from the European Union territory, you can use any available and convenient delivery method without formalities.

If you are sending from outside the European Union territory via a shipping company (e.g., FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.), it is worth marking on the package that it is an item for testing, a free sample. Remember that the value declared in the shipping bill will be the basis for calculating the customs fee and tax. To avoid being charged these fees, you must declare a value not higher than EUR 45.

If you are shipping from outside the European Union using your national postal service, which is usually the least expensive, there are a few requirements without which we will not be able to receive your package:

  • The sender and the recipient must be a natural person (not a company)
  • The indicated nature of the goods is “for testing” and “used goods.”
  • Declaring a shipment value higher than EUR 45 results in charging higher fees.


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