Download Warp Firmware

Warp Firmware Pack v1.602 (download)
(requires WarpedVision firmware ≥1.1) 

  • Fixed bugs in WarpedVision scandoubler communication
  • Fixed warpATA.device (now supports up to 128GB)
  • Improved P96 RTG driver – faster line drawing (~3x faster)
  • Added “_warpGFX” suffix to Picasso96Settings file
  • A lot of under-the-hood changes required for Warp4060

Warp Firmware Pack v1.505 (download)

  • Fixed timing issues that was present at some customers on v1.500.
  • Fixed RTC on Warp1240

Warp Firmware Pack v1.500
(because of reported issuses, not available for download)

  • Audio stream added to Digital Video output
  • Added support for WarpedVision scandoubler/flicker-fixer and automatic switching between RTG/Amiga display modes
  • USB mouse wheel support for AmigaOS 3.2
  • Added installer script
  • other minor improvements and bug fixes

Warp Firmware Pack v1.400 (download)

  • Hardware sprite in RTG modes
  • Additional RTG hardware acceleration:
    • BliltTemplate
    • BlitPattern
    • BlitRectNoMaskComplete
  • P96 monitor file tooltypes support:
    • NOBLITTER=Yes        (disable hw acceleration)
    • SOFTSPRITE=Yes      (disable hw sprite)
    • (note that these options are mainly for debug/troubleshooting, so should be inactive by default)
  • Fixed displaying screens larger than surrent resolution. Correct panning and autoscroll.
  • P96 driver partially rewritten in machine code
  • P96 driver compiled and tested using recent SDK from
  • WiFi password hidden by default in WarpDiag and WarpTool
  • MC68060 internal temperature sensor auto offset calibration
  • other minor improvements and bug fixes

Older versions changelog:


  • WiFi support through SANA-2 warpNET.device (you need TCP/IP stack like Roadshow or Miami)
  • Separate driver for onboard IDE (warpATA.device)
  • Added direct-scsi mode support for warpSD.device and warpUSBDisk.device
  • P96 RTG driver fix of WHDLoad “freeze” issues
  • Updated WarpDiag and WarpTool tools
  • Included firmware for Warp1240 model
  • Lots of other minor fixes


  • SD Card support in AmigaOS (warpSD.device)
  • USB Disk support in AmigaOS (warpUSBDisk.device)
  • Autoconfig / AutoBoot support for SD and USB disk
  • DMA transfers for SD and USB disk 
  • Fast RAM / RTG memory split changed to 224 / 32MB


  • USB/HID keyboard support
  • Composite USB devices support i.e. kbd/mouse receiver in a single USB device
  • Dynamic SD card mount/unmount on insert/remove event
  • Added SD card / USB drive directory reading in WarpTool
  • Minor RTC fixes
  • FPGA temperature added to fan regulator logic
  • Hostname fix in ESP32 WiFi module


  • fixed bug with IDEMode=A1200 
  • fixed bug with fan output level display 
  • first version of cswarp.library 
  • minor optimizations and fixes in P96 driver 
  • MP3 playback utility merged to WarpTool 
  • WiFi configuration, no network support in AmigaOS yet, but realtime clock is synchronized to NTP server 😉