Warp 1240 Turbo Board

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Warp 1240 Features

Warp 1240 is a composite accelerator board for Amiga 1200 computer. It joins several features to create a great experience using your good, old Amiga:

  • MC68040 Turbo (some units of 40MHz versions can be overclocked to 50MHz)
    • Frequency can be easily switched by software.
    • 64kB external L2 cache, for low latency access of DDR memory
    • (MC68040 CPU has to be provided by the customer)

256MB memory expansion

    • 224MB for AmigaOS
    • 32MB for RTG graphics

Picasso96 compatible RTG graphics card

    • Fast 128bit Blitter, accelerating common 2D gfx operations.
    • Fast CPU access to graphics memory due to unified memory architecture
    • Connector for optional WarpedVision FlickerFixer
    • Automatic switching between Amiga and RTG modes
      (when working in tandem with WarpedVision)

Sana2 compatible WiFi network card

    • Allowing internet and local network access
    • TCP/IP software stack (like Roadshow) required.

16Bit Audio card with mixer

    • High quality 16bit / 44.1kHz audio
    • 24bit onboard sampler for original Amiga audio
    • Mixer output pass through to Digital Video output
    • AHI Driver not ready yet, will be available with future updates.

USB IO card

    • HID (mouse/keyboard) support.
    • Mass storage support (Bootable)
    • Work even in early boot menu, not requiring any drivers or additional USB stack.

Fast microSD card slot with DMA support

    • Fast transfers (up to ~20MB/s)
    • CPU offload thanks to Direct-Memory-Access
    • Bootable

Additional onboard Fast IDE (dedicated for CF cards)

    • Faster access and transfers compared to internal Amiga IDE
    • Bootable


    • 4 slots for different Kickstarts, selectable by software

Onboard 400MHz ARM microcontroller, acting as card chipset, accelerating data transfers, audio mixing, etc.

    • Future updates can bring features like hardware MP3 decoding, accelerated datatypes (e.g. JPEG)



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 5 cm
The connector plastic frame color

Dark, Light, Transparent


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