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Warp 4060 – work in progress…

The last member of Warp accelerators family is on the way 🙂 This is the first prototype, still a couple of bugs to fix. It’s beginning to give some signs of life, though 👍

4 thoughts on “Warp 4060 – work in progress…

  1. Thank you for the great work you’re doing!

    1. Exciting stuff.

  2. Really wish there was a stable, working 060-card in development for the Amiga 3000, top. You know, a card that wouldn’t require you to swap out your Ramdac, SCSI and custom chips in order for it to work. A 68060 card that will just work with any stock Amiga 3000.

    But hey, dreaming is free, right?

    1. This card is developed exactly on stock A3000, so I think that dreams may come true 😉

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